SafeScript Integration

What is SafeScript?

SafeScript is a clinical decision support system that enables prescribers and pharmacists to access an up-to-the-minute medicines supply history of certain high-risk medicines for their patient at the point of consultation. The DHHS website has a list of medicines monitored in SafeScript.

Ways to access SafeScript

Prescribers and pharmacists can check SafeScript by logging in through the web portal and searching for each patient prior to issuing a prescription. However, a quicker and easier way is to set-up SafeScript integration, which is available for all the commonly used clinical software.

About SafeScript integration

SafeScript integration means when you prescribe or dispense a monitored medication, SafeScript records are automatically checked in the background, in real-time. Advantages of SafeScript integration include:

  • Colour-coded pop-up notifications quickly identify when you need to view information in SafeScript. You will not need to search for and view each patient record.
  • You can click on the notification to take you directly to the patient record without having to manually enter in the patient Medicare number and date of birth etc.


Setting up SafeScript Integration

Step 1: Connect to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES)

  • The practice needs to be registered with a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).
  • All individual prescribers will also need to be registered for with the PES and set-up on the clinical software. Prescribers who are not set-up with the PES will need to log in via the SafeScript portal and view each patient’s SafeScript record prior to prescribing a monitored medicine.


Step 2: Run the required version of your clinical software

The practice must be running the minimum required version of the clinical software for SafeScript. Either update to the latest available version or check with your software vendor for the  minimum version.


Step 3: Set up SafeScript (either in your clinical software or install the notification app)

Some clinical software products have SafeScript integration inbuilt, whereas others require a desktop notification app to be installed.


ZedMed, Genie, MyScript, Minfos, Fred NXT, Mt Top, LOTS

These software products require the SafeScript notification app to check SafeScript.  The app will need to be installed on each of your computers used for prescribing or dispensing and might require an admin login during the installation. Use these set-up instructions to download and install the notification app.


Best Practice, Medical Director, Fred Dispense, Aquarius, Z Software

SafeScript integration is fully inbuilt for these products. The steps to integrate for each product are below (first make sure you have the latest version of the software):


Best Practice

  1. From the Main screen of Bp Premier,  select Setup > Preferences > Prescribing tab
  2. Tick Enable Real Time Prescription Monitoring checkbox
  3. Click Save & Close


Medical Director

Instructions are on the Medical Director website.



For each computer used for dispensing:

  1. Go to Setup > Dispense Options > SafeScript tab
  2. Tick Enabled and SafeScript Button Always onscreen check boxes
  3. Click OK (F10) button


Fred Dispense

For each computer used for dispensing:

  1. Go to Setup > eHealth Configuration > SafeScript Configuration
  2. Tick the Active SafeScript checkbox 
  3. Click Save


Z Dispense

For each computer used for dispensing:

  1. Go to Store > Store Configuration > Other 
  2. Select Prompt missing DOB for and SafeScript monitored drugs options
  3. Select Activate prescription check for SafeScript
  4. Click Save.